After 8 years, and 64 votes, Congress has failed to repeal (without a replacement) the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) Now we have the Texas Judge's decision that the law is unconstitutional. As we await what is sure to be a lengthy appeals process that may end up at the Supreme Court, it is important to note that the ACA remains the law of the land. However, it is worth considering what is at stake for millions of Marylanders. Here’s what Maryland stands to lose if the the ACA is repealed (source document in links)

Nearly half a million Marylanders may lose their health care coverage.

  • 476,000 Marylanders could lose their coverage if the ACA is entirely or partially repealed.

  • Even more Marylanders, roughly 2.5 million people, have pre-existing health conditions and could be denied coverage altogether or be charged significantly more.

  • 41,000 young adults are at risk of losing the coverage they now have on their parents’ plans.

There will be higher costs for insurance premiums, prescription drugs, and for being a woman.

Coverage for preventive services, protection from personal financial disaster, and behavioral health services could be eliminated.

Maryland's overall healthcare system would be severely weakened.

Download a PDF Version of this FACT Sheet here.