The ACA Provides Affordable Health Care

My name is Young Ae Kim, and I am a self-employed, single woman who has to pay for my own insurance out of my limited income.  Over the years, the premiums increased such that they became a real burden.  By the summer of 2014, my premiums consumed almost 1/3rd of my total income so that I was forced to consider dropping my insurance altogether.  

However,  I decided to wait until October and see if the new plans for sale on Maryland Health Connection would be ones I could afford.  They were, and in fact, I got a much better plan with more comprehensive coverage at a price that fit my budget.  That would not have been possible without Obamacare.   

Since then I have been able to get the care I need for a number of health issues without worrying about whether I could keep my house and pay for the medicines and therapy I need for chronic pain in my back. There are few things more important to me than staying healthy and I am grateful that I can now afford that.  

I wish I could thank President Obama in person. So do many of my friends, as well as my sister-in-law.  Her family lost everything and wouldn't have health insurance were it not for Obamacare.