Webinar #3 - Cultural Competency: Resources for Providers to Meet Patients’ Needs

This webinar provided participants with: (1) an ACA update, including focus on new opportunities/ incentives/ resources for providers to advance cultural competency and benefit patients;  (2) Implementation factors impacting cultural competency in practice; (3) Cultural competence in patient settings:  definition of and impact on health outcomes, quality of care and satisfaction; (4)  Addressing the need in Maryland:  Where we are and where we need to go:  Best practices/Examples from the Field; (5) The Patient Perspective:  From getting the card to accessing the care and beyond; (6) Challenges, Opportunities, Tools and Resources. 

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Our speakers were:

  • Cheri Wilson, a Faculty Research Associate in the Department of Health Policy and Management in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions (HCHDS), and Program Director for the Culture-Quality-Collaborative (CQC) and the Clearview Organizational Assessments-360 (COA360).
  • Dr. Michelle A Gourdine, a primary care physician, health policy specialist and expert in preventive health and wellness.  She is also the author of "Reclaiming our Health: A Guide to African American Wellness" published by Yale University Press.