Cultural Competency and Health Literacy. Part 1: The Big Picture

On Monday, April 22nd, 2013 the Coalition hosted the first in its webinar series on Cultural Competency and Health Literacy.  These are two of the pillars to ensure that we create a Culture of Health in Maryland where everyone will receive health care services that meet their individual needs.  Consumers must understand not only what it means to have an insurance card, but also how to use it effectively. 

In this first webinar we discussed the basics as an introduction to the future webinars. Topics included:

  • Definition of the terms - cultural competency and health literacy; and
  • The framework for integrating these into Maryland's health care reform initiatives.

Our two dynamic speakers were:

  • Laura Herrera, MD, MPH serves as the Deputy Secretary of Public Health Services at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).  In this capacity she oversees local public health, prevention and health promotion, and health systems and infrastructure.   Prior to this she served as the Chief Medical Officer (DHMH) and Acting Deputy Chief Patient Care Services Officer in the Veterans Administration.  She also served as an advisor for the Coalition's Issue Brief - Health Equity: The Promise of Health Care Reform.  View Her Bio.
  • Maria Rosa Watson DDS, DrPH is currently the epidemiologist and Research Director for the Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County.  She has a broad background in health disparities, public health, Latino health, health literacy, health promotion and disease prevention, barriers to access to care, and qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.  View Her Bio.

Resources - relevant to the webinar.

Presentation used in the webinar.

Listen to the audio recording of the webinar below.