Useful Reports and Briefs

Here you'll find links to much more in-depth reports, surveys, white papers, and Fact Sheets regarding the ACA Repeal and Replace efforts, and the issues surrounding them.

An Update on Enrollment and Uninsured Rates in States - enrollment information, broken out by new enrollees and re-enrollees, for states operating State-based Marketplaces (SBMs), states operating State-based Marketplaces on the federal platform (SBM-FPs), and states using the Federally-facilitated Marketplace (FFM) during the 2016-17 Open Enrollment Period (November 1, 2016-January 31, 2017). NASHP

2016 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report - is mandated annually by Congress to provide a comprehensive overview of the quality of health care received by the general U.S. population and disparities in care experienced by different racial and socioeconomic groups. The report assesses the performance of our health care system and identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses, as well as disparities, for access to health care and quality of health care. - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

EFFECTS OF THE MEDICAID PER CAPITA CAP INCLUDED IN THE HOUSE-PASSED AMERICAN HEALTH CARE ACT - Everything you've always wanted to ask about Medicaid per capita caps but were afraid to ask. Excellent report from the Brookings Institute

What the American Health Care Act Means for States. From NAHSP, a useful collection of charts and articles tracking the AHCA and its timeline, amendments, waivers, etc. Lots of useful information.

Key Facts about the Uninsured Population From the Kaiser Family Foundation, this fact sheet describes how coverage has changed under the ACA, examines the characteristics of the uninsured population, and summarizes the access and financial implications of not having coverage.

A Crosswalk of ACA Provisions with Proposed Language Under the House American Health Care Act. From NAHSP, This chart summarizes major provisions included in the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and provisions included in the most recent version of the American Health Care Act passed by the House on May 4, 2017. 

Premiums and Tax Credits Under the Affordable Care Act vs. the American Health Care Act: Interactive Maps.  From the Kaiser Family Foundation, these maps compare county-level estimates of premiums and tax credits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2020 with what they’d receive under the American Health Care Act. They also show estimates of how much a person buying their own insurance would have to pay under both the ACA and the AHCA.

Issue Brief: Medicaid Restructuring Under the American Health Care Act and Nonelderly Adults with Disabilities. From the Kaiser Family Foundation, this brief describes Medicaid’s role for nearly 7 million nonelderly adults with disabilities living in the community to help inform the debate about the American Health Care Act’s proposals to end enhanced federal funding under the ACA and reduce federal Medicaid funding under a per capita cap.

Issue Brief: Key Themes in Section 1115 Medicaid Expansion Waivers - From the Kaiser Family Foundation. Seven states currently are implementing the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicaid expansion to nearly all low income adults up to 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL, $16,643 per year for an individual in 2017) in ways that extend beyond the flexibility provided by the law through a Section 1115 demonstration waiver approved by the Obama Administration. This issue brief highlights themes in approved, pending, and denied provisions, as well as key issues to watch looking ahead.  Additional detail about each state’s waiver is provided in the Appendix tables.

Issue Brief:  Top 10 Changes to Medicaid Under House Republicans' ACA Repeal Bill - from the National Health Law Program. NHeLP managing attorneys have updated an earlier issue brief on the bill to explore how the amendments maintain drastic cuts to Medicaid, and now include even harsher provisions that would harm the most vulnerable individuals and populations.

Medicaid: What It Brings to Maryland - a terrifically useful infographic documenting what Medicaid Expansion has done for Maryland and what's at stake. Namely, coverage for 1.25 million adults and children. From the Commonwealth Fund

Compare Proposals to Replace the Affordable Care Act - from Kaiser Family Foundation, a side by side comparison table to look at coverage, benefits, and key policy indicators.

What's at Stake for Women's Health Coverage? - From the National Womens Law Center, a series of interactive graphs, maps, and infographics that demonstrate the impact that the ACA has had on women, and women of color. Downloadable maps, Fact Sheets, and more.

How Upcoming Efforts to Transform Medicaid Could Affect Abortion Coverage - From NHelp, this explains current Medicaid coverage of abortion care, describes how Medicaid funding structure and general coverage requirements would change under a block grant program, and examines how prior congressional block grant proposals in Medicaid would have "altered abortion coverage."

An Overview of ACA Provisions and Their Repeal Implications for States - From NASHP, this chart looks at what states would likely need to do to comply if the ACA is repealed without replacement. Also important to note, the budget reconciliation process can repeal only provisions that directly impact the federal budget. So, using budget reconciliation to repeal ACA could leave other provisions intact, particularly those related to insurance regulation. As a result, the timing of when any ACA provisions are repealed is important to states.

How the ACA Replacement Plans Fall Short - From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBO), a useful primer on the various strategies the GOP has floated about replacing the ACA and why they fall short.

The Impact of the ACA in Maryland - From Health and Human Services, it's an extensive list of state-level data illustrating the substantial improvements in health care for all Americans over the last six years. The data show that the uninsured rate in Maryland has fallen by 42 percent since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in 2010, translating into 278,000 Marylanders gaining coverage. And, in addition to residents who would otherwise be uninsured, millions more Marylanders with employer, Medicaid, individual market, or Medicare coverage have also benefited from new protections as a result of the law.

The Playbook - Five major Foundations: The Commonwealth Fund; The John A. Hartford Foundation; Peterson Center on Healthcare; the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and The SCAN Foundation, have partnered with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to create a dynamic website that highlights the challenges facing adults with complex health and social needs and provides direction on how to meet those needs through a variety of resources that detail care models, policies, and more.

50 State Survey of Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility, Renewal and Enrollment Programs - A report from the Kaiser Family Foundation. This 15th annual 50-state survey provides data on Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) eligibility, enrollment, renewal and cost sharing policies as of January 2017, and identifies changes in these policies in the past year.

Interactive Map of ACA Enrollment by Congressional District - From the Kaiser Family Foundation,  the map provides estimates of the number of people in each congressional district who enrolled in a 2016 ACA marketplace health plan and the political party of each district’s representative as of January, 2017

Fact Sheet: What We Could Lose With ACA Repeal - From Raising Women's Voices

Fact Sheet: Affordable Care Act Repeal. - From the Center for American Progress.

Impact of Affordable Care Act Repeal - Nearly 30 million people would lose health insurance coverage if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, data from the Urban Institute show. These fact sheets provide state-by-state data on the number of people who would lose coverage and the loss of related federal funding. - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

State Health Policy and the Next Administration - Terrific report - National Academy for State Policy Leader's Summit Report

The Economic Record of the Obama Administration: The Health Care Reform Record - The Obama Administration's 88 page report card on the success of the ACA. Chock full of data, charts, and graphs. Really useful.

The Risk of Repeal: How ACA Repeal Will Hurt Women - A great Fact Sheet from the National Womens Law Center