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Wins, Losses and Opportunities: Consumer Perspectives from the 2019 General Assembly

The 2019 General Assembly will soon be history, but the impact of legislator's votes and the Governor's signature (or not) will be felt for years to come.  The speakers will focus on two principal areas: 

  • "Wins and losses" in areas that include: the individual insurance market; behavioral health; women's health; consumer protections; consumer engagement and health literacy.

  • "Opportunities" - what's ahead, based on the requirements of the new laws, and such major initiatives as affordability and access to health care and Maryland's delivery system transformation. 


  • Beth Sammis, President, Consumer Health First 

  • Robyn Elliott, Principal, Public Policy Partners

  • Leni Preston, Co-Chair, Policy and Government Affairs Committee

  • Ellen Weber, JD, Board Member, Consumer Health First

    Details and Registration here.