I have written several members of the Maryland Legislature regarding the proposed tax on those of us that cannot afford Health Insurance. First let me state my husband has had Health Insurance his entire adult life and at age 60 we were forced out due to sky high premiums. He is self employed and supplements with a part time job. My current employer offers family coverage for a bronze level plan but the premium for a family is 7xs more than for that of an individual. The cost goes from 36.46 per pay period to $275.73 per pay period regardless of family size. That's $551.46 for a plan we cannot afford pay for let alone actually use. It comes with a $4500 deductible. Since my income is included when purchasing an individual plan on the exchange, we get no help. If we divorced, he'd get plenty of help. Our income is modest at best. I recently read Kathy Rubens piece in Maryland Matters and was thrilled to see some one was tuned into this issue and offering a solution that might actually help Marylanders. The knee jerk solution of a penalty is one step away from placing folks in the poor house or debtors prison. It's not a solution at all. We need real solutions. Thank you Kathy for placing one on the table.

- Susan Frangione