Stories: The Real Impact of Health Care Reform

Personal stories are a powerful reminder of the importance of health care reform.  Here are a few we've collected. Do you have a story you would like to share with us?  If so, please submit it to us.  You may remain anonymous.

  • Maryland Mothers at the White House: Robyn Martin and Alycia Steinberg joined President Obama in the East Room of the White House.  Our favorite part starts at minute 8.
  • Lesa Davis - Reform:  Providing Home-Based Care and Support For Those in Need
  • Nicole Kazanecki - Reform:  Young Adults Get Health Care Coverage and a Strong Start in Life
  • Lilyan Lyle - Reform: Prevention Is Good For Your Health
  • Robyn Martin - Reform: No Lifetime Limits for Children Born with Pre-existing Conditions
    • View Robyn's MyCare video.
    • Read her story.
  • Alycia Steinberg - Reform: Familes Get Health Care and Financial Security
    • View Alycia's MyCare video.
    • Read her story.
  • Mary Vinograd - Reform: A Supreme Question -- Was Our Old System Working?  Not For Thousands of Americans. Has the Affordable Care Act made a difference?  Yes!
  • Doug Masiuk - Reform: It Means Affordable Care