The Affordable Care Act Saved My Life

Siciliano photo.jpg

My name is Steven Siciliano. I am a 57 year old cancer survivor thanks to the Affordable Care Act. As a freelance craftsman, and sole proprietor, I went over 20 years without health insurance. I had a check-up in the early 2000's, but other than that, we joked in the family that our health plan was "to stay healthy."

That I did, running, stretching, playing baseball, hiking and surfing. Completely asymptomatic, I had a lump in my chest that was hard, and didn't seem like a tumor. We were having financial difficulties as my wife was out of work, and I went on living with the bump without having it checked. When tax season came around, we got hit pretty hard by the ACA mandate penalty, and so we signed up with Covered California. As part of the program, you get a free opening check-up, and during that check-up, the bump was determined to be cancerous. It had not spread, thanks to early detection and "Obamacare".

Thanks to insurance, I was able to have it removed, and am cancer free.

Obamacare saved my life.