Specific Areas of Legislative Interest


Patient Protection and Affordability Act

With a change in Administration, and the real threat that the ACA will be repealed, perhaps without a replacement in place, our focus in 2017 centers on legislation aimed at preserving the current access, coverage and health equity Maryland has achieved since the passage of the ACA. We want to take every measure to ensure that the law is protected against repeal in Maryland, by putting in place reforms to protect portions of the law if / when it is. To do that, we have launched a campaign called Health Care Keep It, which contains information on ACA repeal/replace/repair analysis, news, and resources. For an overview of how a repeal of the ACA might affect Marylanders without a replacement, go to our ACA Repeal Watch Fact Sheet.

Network Adequacy

Be sure to read our Network Adequacy Report which looked at the accessibility of OBGYN providers available through the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. The report found that of the 1,493 providers listed, only 22.5% were able to provide a well woman exam within four weeks. You should also take a look at the network adequacy study which looked at access to mental health providers performed by the Mental Health Association of Maryland. These studies were critical in getting SB929/HB1318  - Health Benefit Plans - Network Access Standards and Provider Network Directories introduced and PASSED! We provided testimony in support of this legislation in both the Senate Finance and House Health and Government Operations (HGO) Committees.

2017 Insurance Rate Review Process

2017's rate review process made one thing abundantly clear: it is time to take a hard look at ways to improve Maryland’s health insurance market to ensure that all consumers can continue to afford high quality, comprehensive health care. There are a number of steps we believe should be examined, and we outline them in detail

Payment and Delivery Transformation

The Affordable Care Act created new opportunities to promote more cost-effective and patient-centered approaches to the delivery of health care.  As advocates, we work to make sure that these work for consumers. To learn more about All-Payer Model and the work being done, click on the link above.