Sign-on to Support SB 878 / HB 1312

Medicaid Buy-In Task Force 

SB 878 / HB 1312 - Health insurance - Medicaid Buy-In Task Force is designed to mitigate the negative impact of federal actions and improve the Affordable Care Act. 

Consumer Health First is grateful to the bill sponsors, Senator Brian Feldman (D15) and Delegate Ariana Kelly (D16), for listening to our recommendation to explore this important policy option.

The bill would create a Medicaid Buy-In Task Force to study and make recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly on the feasibility of providing consumers with additional health care coverage options. Specifically it would address two issues:

  • Affordability: Particularly for those who are just above the threshold to receive financial assistance. With the rapid and dramatic increase in coverage premiums, these individuals, many of whom are self-employed, are now unable to afford health insurance. They include a self-employed woman in Anne Arundel County who can no longer afford her premiums and who  has said, "I hope that I do not have a catastrophic injury or illness before I am eligible for Medicare in three years."
  • Choice in Benefit Plans: Particularly for those in the 13 counties and parts of three others which are served by only one insurance carrier.

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