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Closing the Medicaid Coverage Gap

3/5/16 - Raising Women's Voices has created a new Cover Our Families Community Organizing & Advocacy Toolkit, designed to help coordinators and allies in non-expansion states to educate and mobilize affected people through house parties and town hall meetings. The toolkit is broken down into four different sections that are full of information, sources, “how-to” suggestions, interactive exercises and games.


7/15/15 - The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has created a terrific infographic demonstrating how Medicaid provides health coverage that helps low-income seniors, children, and people with disabilities get needed health care.

Ensuring A Discrimination-Free Health Insurance System

6/11/15 - After two open enrollment periods for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans with preexisting conditions now have access to health care coverage — many for the first time. One of the law’s most popular provisions is the ban on preexisting condition exclusions and denials. Learn more about how it works and the future of this provision in this Health Affairs article.

State exploring improved dental care for adults

6/11/15 - The Maryland General Assembly has commissioned the Maryland Dental Action Coalition to look at ways to expand oral health care and dental coverage for adults. Ready more in this Baltimore Sun article.

Game Changer: CMS’ Proposed Medicaid Managed Care Regulation

6/10/15 - The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released its long awaited Medicaid managed care proposed rules on May 26; the rules were published in the Federal Register on June 1. Learn more in this Health Affairs blog post.

Seeking Rate Increases, Insurers Use Guesswork

6/1/15 - In a sign of the tumult in the health insurance industry under the Affordable Care Act, companies are seeking wildly differing rate increases in premiums for 2016, with some as high as 85 percent, according to information released on Monday by the federal government for the 37 states using as their exchange. Read the full New York Times article.

‘Milestone’ Rules Would Limit Profits, Score Quality For Private Medicaid Plans

5/26/15 - Sweeping proposals disclosed Tuesday would create profit guidelines for private Medicaid plans as well as new standards for the plans’ doctor and hospital networks and rules to coordinate Medicaid insurance more closely with other coverage. Read the full Kaiser Health News article.

Medicaid Expansion Helps Cut Rate Of Older, Uninsured Adults From 12 To 8 Percent

5/22/15 - The health law’s expansion of Medicaid coverage to adults with incomes over the poverty line was key to reducing the uninsured rate among 50- to 64-year-olds from nearly 12 to 8 percent in 2014, according to a new analysis. Read the full Kaiser Health News article.

Reports and Media

A Guide to the Federal Parity Law for Substance Abuse and Mental Disorders

6/16 - The Legal Action Center has published Health Insurance for Addiction and Mental Health Care: A Guide to the Federal Parity Law. The Guide explains patients’ and providers’ rights to insurance coverage for substance use and mental disorders. Although written for a New York audience, much of the Guide can be used anywhere in the country.

Consumer Organization Directory For State Health Insurance Regulators

7/15 - The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has published a very useful Directory of Consumer Organizations for State Health Insurance Regulators, which provides information and links to, both national and state by state organizations that have agreed to act as resources to insurance regulators who need assistance with identifying discriminatory benefit designs, or for other regulatory tasks that require expertise related to a certain disease group or consumer concern.

 Social Equity Report

 7/15 - The Yale Global Health Leadership Institute has published an excellent report looking at Social Equity, which examines how the social determinants of health may both improve Americas's health and reduce health care costs. You can download a copy of the report here

Primary Care Providers Ordered Fewer Preventive Services For Women With Medicaid Than For Women With Private Coverage

6/2015 - After patient and provider characteristics were controlled for, Medicaid-insured visits were less likely than privately insured visits to include several preventive services, including clinical breast exams and Pap tests. Read the full Health Affairs report here.

How Does Gaining Coverage Affect People's Lives? Access, Utilization, and Financial Security among Newly Insured Adults

6/19/15 - In 2014, millions of people gained health insurance as the major coverage provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were implemented. While much attention has been paid to enrollment in new coverage options and changes in the number of uninsured over the past year, less is known about how this coverage has affected people’s lives. This report, based on the 2014 Kaiser Survey of Low-Income Americans and the ACA, aims to understand the impact that gaining coverage has had on the lives of the “newly insured” adult population. See the full Kaiser Family Foundation issue brief.

Behavioral Health for Adults

6/2015 - A Kaiser Family Foundation report looks at benefits in Medicaid and the Marketplace.

Analyses of MAX Claims: SAMHSA Fee-for-Service Spending Estimates, Medicare-Medicaid Enrollee Analysis, and Managed Care Summary

6/1/15 - Presents Medicaid spending information for treatment of mental and substance use disorders for people enrolled in Medicaid only as well as those with dual enrollments in Medicare and Medicaid. Reports on fee-for-service spending and managed care spending. Read the full report.

Access to Care for the Insured and Remaining Uninsured: A Look at California During Year One of ACA Implementation

5/2015 - Read the full Kaiser Family Foundation Issue Brief.

Early Marketplace Enrollees Were Older And Used More Medication Than Later Enrollees; Marketplaces Pooled Risk

5/2015 - Little is known about the health status of the 7.3 million Americans who enrolled in insurance plans through the Marketplaces established by the Affordable Care Act in 2014. Medication use may provide an early indicator of the health needs and access to care among Marketplace enrollees. Read the full Health Affairs report to learn more.

Low-Income Pregnant Women, Children and Families, and Childless Adults

5/6/15 - Medicaid plays an especially large coverage role for children of color, whose families are more likely to have low income compared to whites, and, as such, the program has reduced racial and ethnic disparities in children’s coverage. Medicaid also serves a large share of children with special health care needs. Read the full report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.