2015 Legislative Victories

Health Insurance - Conformity With Federal Law

This addresses the need to bring Maryland law into compliance with Federal law.  Among the amendments proposed by the Coalition and other advocates was language that would ensure that the 2017 Essential Health Benefits (EHB) are as comprehensive as those included in plans currently available.  And, that the process to select the EHB is open and transparent with an opportunity for a hearing and public comment.

Maryland Council on Advancement of School-Based Health Centers

The purpose of this legislation is to improve the health and educational outcomes of students receiving services from school based health centers.

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2014 Legislative Victories

The following highlights the bills that the Coalition testified on, or advocated for, during the 2014 General Assembly Session.  Learn more about 2014 legislation in the Senate and House of Delegates.

Community Integrated Medical Home Program

This establishes an advisory body, whose duties include determining the model, standards and scope of services for the State’s Community Integrated Medical Home Program.  The Coalition, with others, successfully had the bill amended to require the inclusion of “consumer advocacy organizations.” 

Workgroup on Workforce Development for Community Health Workers

This convenes a workgroup to conduct a study relating to the training and credentialing of community health workers and related reimbursement and payment policies and to submit a report on or before December 1, 2014.

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2013 Legislative Victories

Maryland Health Progress Act of 2013 

Govenor O'Malley signed the Maryland Health Progress Act of 2013 on April 25th.  This is the last of a three year process to build the state’s Health Benefit Exchange and its public face, Maryland Health Connection.  Read our Advocate's Guide to learn more about the law’s key provisions.

Repeal of Obsolete Provisions of Law 

This legislation repeals a law that (1) allows health maintenance organizations to offer a benefit package that provides limited benefits; (2) authorizes a group health insurance policy to continue distributing  benefits after the death of a person; and (3) requires a succeeding insurer to give information to an employer before entering into a group contract.


2012 Legislative Victories

Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Act of 2012

Requires the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange to make specified qualified dental plans available to specified individuals and employers; requiring the Exchange to establish and implement specified navigator programs on or before January 1, 2014; establishing qualifications for specified navigators; etc.

Read the Consumer Health First's proposed amendments.

Read the Consumer Health First's testimony.

Read the Urban Institute's ACA Implementation Monitoring and Tracking Site Visit Report.

Maryland Health Improvement and Disparities Reduction Act of 2012

Establishes a process to create specified areas as Health Enterprise Zones that can, in the longer term, support the State’s goal of creating health equity. 

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2011 Legislative Victories

Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Act of 2011

Establishes Maryland’s “health insurance marketplace.”           

Family Planning Works Act

Ensures that approximately 33,000 low income women will have access to family planning services prior to the birth of their first child.

Health Insurance - Conformity with Federal Law

Alters the circumstances under which a person has the right to a hearing and the right to an appeal from an action of the Maryland Insurance Commissioner; requiring the Commissioner to file specified documents in a court in which a specified appeal is pending; providing that provisions of federal law apply to specified health insurance coverage issued or delivered by insurers, nonprofit health service plans, and health maintenance organizations; authorizing the Commissioner to enforce specified provisions of law; etc.

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2010 Legislative Victories

Administration of National High Risk Pool Program 

Allows Maryland to participate in the national high risk pool program established under the new law.             

Patient Centered Medical Home Program 

Is the first step towards creating better health outcomes and reduced costs by establishing a program for coordinated patient care led by your primary care physician.  

Kids First Express Lane Eligibility Act 

Extends and refines the Kids First.    


2009 Legislative Victories

Foster Kids Act

Provides health care coverage to a high risk group of young people who are aging out of the foster care system and would otherwise lose coverage.

Health Insurance - Limitations on Preexisting Condition Provisions - Individual Health Benefit Plan

Imposes limitations on pre-existing conditions in individual health.

Health Insurance - Out-of-State Association Contracts - Regulations

Imposes disclosure requirements on insurance carriers that offer out-of-state association plans.   

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2008 Legislative Victories

Kids First Act

To identify and enroll up to 90,000 children eligible for Medicaid or the Maryland Children’s Health Insurance Program. This legislation, which pioneers a new approach using state tax information, is seen as a model for other states.    

Preparation and distribution of a report on public health services and Marylanders’ access to essential health services at the local level.  The report was based on Consumer Health First's visits to local health departments around the state. Among the issues identified as requiring serious attention are the state’s antiquated computer systems, cutbacks to essential services due to restrictive budgets, and unmet health care needs at the local level.  This is an on-going project and the information will continue to be updated and circulated as appropriate.