2015 Legislative Victories

Health Insurance - Conformity With Federal Law

This addresses the need to bring Maryland law into compliance with Federal law.  Among the amendments proposed by Consumer Health First and other advocates was language that would ensure that the 2017 Essential Health Benefits (EHB) are as comprehensive as those included in plans currently available.  And, that the process to select the EHB is open and transparent with an opportunity for a hearing and public comment.

Maryland Council on Advancement of School-Based Health Centers

The purpose of this legislation is to improve the health and educational outcomes of students receiving services from school based health centers.

Task Force to Study Maternal Mental Health

The Mental Health Association of Maryland will provide staffing for this task force, which will identify vulnerable populations and risk factors for maternal mental health disorders during pregnancy and the first post-partum year. And, then identify and recommend screening and treatment strategies and funding models.

Nonprofit Health Service Plans - Hearing and Order -Impact of Law or Regulatory Action by Another State

This law provides the Maryland Insurance Commissioner with the authority to hold a hearing or undertake an examination relative to the enactment of a law or regulatory action by another state regarding the distribution or reduction of a surplus deemed "excessive."

Public Information Act - Enforcement, Fees, and Exemptions

This bill strengthens the Public Information Act and increases government transparency. It also creates the Office of Public Access Ombudsman position for the purpose of resolving disputes regarding PIA requests.

Health Insurance - Medical Stop-Loss Insurance - Small Employers