2011 Legislative Victories

Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Act of 2011 

Establishes Maryland’s “health insurance marketplace.”           

Family Planning Works Act 

Ensures that approximately 33,000 low income women will have access to family planning services prior to the birth of their first child.

Health Insurance - Conformity with Federal Law 

Alters the circumstances under which a person has the right to a hearing and the right to an appeal from an action of the Maryland Insurance Commissioner; requiring the Commissioner to file specified documents in a court in which a specified appeal is pending; providing that provisions of federal law apply to specified health insurance coverage issued or delivered by insurers, nonprofit health service plans, and health maintenance organizations; authorizing the Commissioner to enforce specified provisions of law; etc.    

Health Officers: Authority to Enter into Contracts or Agreements for Delivery of Health Care Services 

Authorizes a health officer, under certain circumstances, to enter into a contract or other written agreement to assist or participate in the delivery of health care services with a certain person.   

Sales & Use Tax – Alcoholic Beverages 

The House Bill - levies a 9% tax and provides funding for school construction projects and the Senate Bill - levies the same 9% tax with a supplementary appropriation going to fund the waiting list for Developmental Disabilities.