2009 Legislative Victories

Foster Kids Act

Provides health care coverage to a high risk group of young people who are aging out of the foster care system and would otherwise lose coverage.

Health Insurance - Limitations on Preexisting Condition Provisions - Individual Health Benefit Plan 

Imposes limitations on pre-existing conditions in individual health.

Health Insurance - Out-of-State Association Contracts - Regulations 

Imposes disclosure requirements on insurance carriers that offer out-of-state association plans.   

Health Insurance - Rescission of Contracts and Certificates - Restrictions 

Provides greater restrictions on carriers when rescinding/cancelling health insurance coverage.       

Baltimore City - Medical Assistance Programs - Eligibility and Enrollment Information Mailings to Students 

Requires Baltimore public schools to disclose information fromthe National School Lunch Program regarding children eligible for Maryland Medical Assistance so that enrollment information can be sentto their families.     

Health Insurance - Reform 

Prohibits health insurance applications from containing questions about pre-existing conditions.   

Consumer Health First served on a Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) “Barriers to Enrollment Workgroup” to identify and seek solutions to ensure that all those eligible for public health programs are enrolled.