February 24, 2012 Conference Call - 12:00 to 1:00 P.M.  

I. The Conference Call

  • Agenda
  • Phone number: 712.432.1690, code = 841045#

Please note that the conference service is free but we can not afford to provide a free dial-in phone number for you. If you have a land line with unlimited minutes it should be free for you, too. But, if you use a cell phone, there may still be a charge with your carrier if you exceed your minutes. So please be sure to check first.

To eliminate the chances for background noise, try to use a landline and be sure to put it on mute until you wish to speak.

Following are resources you may find useful during and after the call. We very much appreciate you taking the time to participate.

II. Welcome & Introductions

III. Health Benefit Exchange Act of 2012 SB238/HB443

IV. Maryland Health Improvement and Disparities Reduction Act of 2012 SB234/HB439

  • Health Quality & Cost Council’s Health Disparities Workgroup Report
  • Coalition’s amendments

V. Other legislation/issues being tracked

  • HB982 – Fees for Administrative Services Provided by Producers
  • SHOP issue Brief
  • SB526/HB1153 – Tobacco Tax – Healthy Maryland Initiative

VI. Benefits of Reform – Getting the Word Out

VII. Send Us Your Ideas; Tell Us Your Concerns