Health Care.  Maryland Gets It.

October 1, 2013 was an exciting new day.  Marylanders now have the ability to enroll in public programs (Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program – MCHIP) or  to get financial assistance for the new “Qualified Health Plans” with comprehensive benefits.

Consumer Alerts

  • With health care reform have come examples of consumer fraud.  Read the Attorney General's Press Release.  Learn more and contact the Health Education and Advocacy Unit at  410-528-1840 and 1-877-261-8807 if you are the target of fraud or know someone who is.  

  • Seniors should beware of unsolicited phone calls from people telling them they will need to buy new insurance.  They may be asked for their social security numbers or credit cards.  Under no circumstances should they provide those. Learn More.
  • Read the Maryland Insurance Administration's Consumer Advisory - Important points to Consider before you renew your health Insurance.

Health Care Reform - Learn More

  • The You Toons Get Ready for Obamacare.  Watch this video for a comprehensive overview of the changes that are taking effect and will be fully in place January 1.

  • Learn about Tax credits for people who will buy their own insurance - the average credit is $2,700!
  • The New Health Care Law and You.  A guide for consumers.
  • Read this factsheet Navigating the New Health Insurance Marketplaces In-Person Assistance Options for Consumers.
  • View the US Department of Health and Human Services page Myth vs. Fact about the facts of the Health Insurance Marketplace.  

For Women

  • Women's Health Insurance Coverage Factsheet
  • Health Insurance Coverages of Women, State Estimates
  • The National Women's Law Center's  - What Women need to Know about Health Care Enrollment has lots of great information for women all over the US and in all sorts of different situations.  Check it out.
  • Join the Women 4 Health Care community to learn how to find and understand the affordable new health insurance options available through the health insurance law.
  • View the list of preventative health services that are no-cost to women under the ACA.
  • Read Kaiser Family Foundation's Issue BriefHealth Reform:Implications for Women’s Access to Coverage and Care. That reviews how the ACA is expected to affect access to care and affordability of health coverage for women and explains the provisions in the health reform law related to the Medicaid expansion, preventive screening services, reproductive health, maternity care, abortion, and women on Medicare. It also includes national and state-level estimates of the percentage of uninsured women ages 18-64 who could qualify for federal help under the law and a summary of key coverage and benefits provisions that affect women.

For Individuals with unique needs

Including, LGBT, HIV/AIDS, Students, those with disabilities, and those with substance use disorder.

For Health Care Professionals

  • Ready. Get Set. Enroll. The video below is a good overview of what hospitals and health care professionals can expect.

  • Check out these simple tips for talking to your patients about their new health coverage options.
  • The Coalition recently hosted a webinar for the Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics entitled The Affordable Care Act: Getting it Right for Maryland's Kids.  View the visual presentation, listen to the audio recording.

For Small Business Owners

  • Read the Report: Good Business Sense: The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. 
  • Use the Small Business Tax Credit Calculator to figure out what kind of tax credit you can expect.
  • View the Health Care Reform FAQ's for small businesses.
  • New SHOP Exchange opens January 1, 2014. Learn More.