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Why We Need Health Care Reform Now

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Millions of working Americans either can no longer afford or have been denied coverage, so the number of uninsured Americans keeps rising. The $56 billion annual cost of uncompensated care to the uninsured increases the cost of health care and premiums for all of us. The current path is unsustainable and we're all paying the price — we have to fix this problem now.

Part 1 - The Problem

Private health insurance premiums are skyrocketing along with industry CEO salaries.


Middle class Americans are having a harder time making ends meet. People shouldn't have to choose between filling a prescription or filling up at the gas station.


America's working families are struggling to pay skyrocketing health care costs while their wages remain stagnant and their health benefits sliced. Meanwhile, the CEO of United Health Insurance was paid more than $350 Million in a single year and the industry's profits keep soaring.

Part 2 - The Solution

We need to stop the greed and take care of the health of all of us, not just the profits of insurance companies.


We need better choices and an affordable option that puts patients' needs before profits.


We need to make real improvements in the economy by making health care more affordable.


Real reform means putting Americans back in control of their health care. We need better oversight and sensible rules to make sure insurance companies provide fair and affordable coverage and can no longer turn people away for having a pre-existing condition like cancer.


We need leaders willing to take on insurance companies, by setting clear, high standards for what's covered and preventing them from requiring patients to jump through hoops just to get insured.


With so many people worried about losing their jobs and their health coverage, a plan that guarantees every American the opportunity to buy into an affordable and high quality health plan is exactly what we need right now.

Part 3 - The Conclusion

It's time we got America back on track. One of the best ways to help our economy is to fix our broken health care system and put money back in the pockets of hardworking Americans so that they can send their kids to college or start a family business.


Health care reform is the key to economic security and opportunity for American families.


The staggering amount — $56 billion annually — of uncompensated care to the uninsured just increases the cost of health care and premiums for all of us. The current path is unsustainable and we're all paying the price — we have to fix this problem now.

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