No Annual or Lifetime Caps on Pre-Existing Conditions

Kristi, who is 43 years old, has a genetic disorder known as Vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that will prematurely end her life. In the meantime, she will suffer various, serious problems that make it impossible for her to work at a regular job that might provide healthcare.  

Without the Affordable Care Act, she is uninsurable in the private market. Kristi and her husband lived in Chicago before moving to Baltimore three years ago. That move was made possible because the ACA enables mobility for people who were previously restricted by health insurance access. Kristi had insurance in an Illinois state program, but that was in a "high-risk" pool that was accessible only because she was previously and continuously insured by Bob’s company, and because they could afford to pay the premiums. 

Now, Bob is hoping to retire. He’s done all the right things. He’s worked all his life, raised his children and sent them to good schools, started successful small businesses, saved for retirement, and paid all his bills, including those regarding health insurance and care. 

Without the ACA, that won't matter much since just a few of Kristi’s health related episodes will wipe out a good part of that savings. Worse yet, without proper insurance, Kristi might not get the care she needs to live a productive life.