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Insurers are thorns in sides of physicians - Medical Society survey shows extent of hassles
Article by Jeffrey Alderton with survey results that show that Maryland physicians expressed nearly unanimous concern over health insurer protocols in a survey conducted last month by MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society.  

“Maryland physicians have increasingly voiced their concerns about the significant and potentially dangerous ways that health insurers are intruding in the doctor-patient relationship” said Gene Ransom, MedChi CEO.

“Insurance practices, such as requiring preapproval for medical procedures and prescription medications, step therapy and therapeutic substitution, are intended to be cost-control measures, but in reality they deny patients access to care and are tantamount to practicing medicine without a license.”

Consumer Alert: Health Insurance Scams
The Maryland Insuramce Administration consumer alert regarding various insurance scams that are taking advantage of the rising cost of ehalthc are and prescription drugs.