Survey Says...

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Our Ask: This is not a legislative request. Rather, we are asking for your help with two subjects being discussed with the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE) Affordability and State Benchmark Plan Workgroups. 

What and Why: These workgroups - Affordability and State Benchmark Plan (SBP) - will develop recommendations for the Board of Trustees on these two issues. CHF is participating on both workgroups, with President, Beth Sammis serving as Affordability Co-Chair, and Board Member, Leni Preston as SBP Chair.

We Need You: Specifically, we need YOUR expertise as we develop those recommendations. The last meeting of the workgroups will be held in early May and before then we will be meeting to provide recommendations on:

  • How to increase affordability of Qualified Health Plans for consumers both inside and outside the Exchange.

  • Whether the current State Benchmark Plan meets consumers' needs, and if Maryland should leverage federal regulations that allow for greater state flexibility on the design of the SBP and what the timing might be.

For complete information on all workgroups go here.

Here's How To Help:  All we ask is that you take just 10 minutes (really!) to fill out a short survey.  The deadline is Tuesday, March 26, but go ahead - do it now, and thanks for your input!