Maryland Total Cost of Care Model - Transforming Health and Health Care

In this week’s issue of the JAMA Network, Maryland’s Total Cost of Care Model is described and highlighted as a positive and successful demonstration of how a CMS Innovation Center partnership with a state can accelerate transformation across payers and generate significant savings. Maryland has made a commitment by taking total-cost-of-care accountability for all Maryland Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries. The Maryland total-cost-of-care model will test new ways to reduce costs and improve quality across the health care continuum with an emphasis on population health. None of this is possible without a strong federal-state partnership. Together, CMS and the state are implementing a model that aligns financial incentives across an increasing number of Maryland clinicians, facilities, and suppliers and offers them new tools to help achieve better health and lower costs for the populations they serve.

Consumer Health First looks forward to continuing to promote the consumer perspective in the model on HSCRC's work groups.