Medicaid Supports Maryland - Exciting New Resource!

The Medicaid Supports Maryland campaign we launched a year ago to make sure that elected officials and the public fully understand the broad reach and positive impact of this vital health care program.   

Did you know that: 

  • 1,046,579 individuals are enrolled in Medicaid at the end of 2018 - that's more than one in five Maryland residents.

    • Enrollees include individuals from all walks of life including four year old Kayleigh. Her mother wrote, "Medicaid gives us hope for the future and for Kayleigh to reach her maximum potential."  

  • $12.4 billion is the total for fund claims. As reported by Medicaid Program Director, Dennis Schrader, $7.7 billion are federal funds and $4.7 billion are state allocations.

Our 2017 poll, showed strong support for the program, and why we need to build on that support by providing the facts about Medicaid. That is why we developed the Medicaid 101 Briefing.

These are being provided to each member of the Legislative Committees that have oversight of the program, as well as new legislators, so that they are fully informed on the Medicaid program in Maryland. We are grateful to The Hatcher Group for helping to bring this project to fruition and for the financial support of the Maryland Managed Care Organization Association, Kaiser Permanente, Healthcare Initiative Foundation, and NARAL-Pro Choice.   

We are also grateful to Maryland's leaders for their commitment to the Medicaid program, but we must be alert for any threats to the program.  Last week, multiple news sources, including Axios, reported on the Trump Administration's efforts to bypass Congress and encourage states, through the 1115 waiver process, to implement block grants. This, despite the fact that Republicans failed to win the votes to do this with their previous legislative efforts to "repeal and replace" the ACA. The impact of that legislation, specific to Medicaid block grants, would have been the loss of insurance for millions of Americans, as reported by the Congressional Budget Office, in September 2017.  

Please, join Consumer Health First in supporting the Maryland Medicaid Program.

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