1332 Waiver Application Update

Last Friday, Consumer Health First submitted a letter to the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange laying out our support for Maryland's application for a State Innovation 1332 Waiver. The purpose of the waiver is to establish a state-based reinsurance program that will lead to more affordable insurance premiums for those who must purchase their insurance in our individual market. 

In addition to our support, we also made three key points regarding the program's design. It must:

  • Equitably lower costs for both the HMO and PPO products; 
  • Provide opportunities to improve health outcomes by incentivizing meaningful health improvement programs; and 
  • Promote consumer choice.

Monday afternoon, our views and those of other organizations were presented to the MHBE Board. Our thanks go to those organizations and individuals who signed on to our comments. 

  • Find the MHBE staff presentation on the public process here. This includes the timeline for future action with the submission of the waiver application on May 31. 
  • Read the Consumer Health First letter of support here
  • Read the testimony from all four public hearings and ALL of the public comments submitted to MHBE - here.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the MHBE Board approved a resolution to move forward with the waiver application. We wish to thank the MHBE Board and staff for being responsive to our recommendations, and for their leadership on this important issue.