Health Reform: A Look Back at the 2018 General Assembly

Thanks to everyone that was able to join us online for today's webinar! In case you missed it, or want to review the presentation at your leisure, here are links to the PowerPoint Presentation and the audio recording.

Here's a brief summary of the webinar with CHF's President and Vice-President, Beth Sammis and Leni Preston:

  • Reviewed the Session's health legislation and policy highlights. Including the authorization to:
    • Fund a reinsurance program to stabilize rates;
    • Create a pilot project to provide dental care to Medicaid recipients; 
    • Expand women's access to contraception; 
    • Restore funding for community behavioral health services;   
  • Layed out an agenda for areas that Consumer Health First will be working with its partners. These include, but are definitely not limited to: