Guest Commentary: Allow Marylanders to Buy In to Medicaid Program | Maryland Matters

Consumer Health First Executive Director, Kathy Ruben, Ph.D., authored a guest commentary in Maryland Matters this week.

In it, she advocates for passing a bill that could lead to Marylanders being allowed to “buy in” to the Medicaid program.

"A Medicaid buy-in holds promise to help those struggling the most: middle-class Marylanders – including small business owners – who are increasingly unable to afford ever-climbing premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

Many Marylanders who must buy insurance on the individual market – that is, those not covered through work – can receive a premium subsidy from the federal government. But those subsidies only help individuals earning less than $48,240 or $98,400 for a family of four. Those earning more are working people who are often self-employed – and they must shoulder their entire premium costs."

You can support HB 1312 / SB 878  by signing on to support it here.