Trump's latest effort to undermine the ACA makes Maryland action all the more crucial - Baltimore Sun

"Advocates have been discussing the idea of creating a state-level individual mandate since even before the federal tax cut legislation eliminated the national one, and now the planned expansion of short-term insurance policies adds to the urgency for the state to move forward. But the legislation that the General Assembly will consider actually improves on the individual mandate in terms of both policy and politics."

Efforts underway include:

  • Consumer Health First has introduced  SB 878 / HB 1312Health insurance - Medicaid Buy-In Task Force with the support of bill sponsors, Senator Brian Feldman(D-15) and Delegate Ariana Kelly (D-16), took up our recommendation to examine the opportunity to provide consumers with more options for affordable health care coverage. This bill would create a Task Force to study and make recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly on the feasibility of creating a Medicaid Buy-In option for consumers. This could not only address the issue of affordability, but also provide consumers with greater choice in their carriers. This is particularly important for those areas of the state that are currently served by only one carrier. Find our testimony here.
  • SB 1011 / HB 1167Protect Maryland Health Care Act of 2018. This bill sets forth an innovative approach to a state mandate for health insurance. Read our testimony here.