Introducing, Maryland Supports Medicaid!


A core component of Consumer Health First's mission is to educate the public about important health policies, programs and news. That's why we are thrilled to announce a new public education campaign - Medicaid Supports Maryland.

Medicaid provides health coverage for one in five Marylanders - including one in four children, two in five individuals with disabilities and three in five nursing home residents. The program touches every county in the state, with higher percentages of residents enrolled in western Maryland, Baltimore City and the Lower Eastern Shore.

Based upon polling we commissioned for this campaign, we know that 9 of 10 Marylanders support Maryland's Medicaid program. Those findings were consistent across region, age, gender, race and political party affiliation lines, with 80 percent or more in every demographic subgroup of the survey agreeing.

Our goal for the campaign is to educate the public and policymakers about the crucial role that Medicaid serves in Maryland - both as a safety net health program for low - and middle - income Marylanders, and as an engine driving our state's health systems and economy.

We will also be collecting stories from people across the state to illustrate the broad and diverse reach of the program and the foundational impact on the lives of individuals and our communities. If you would like to share your story about Medicaid, click here.

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"Medicaid serves our friends, neighbors and family members. Consequently, we all benefit from a well-resourced Medicaid program in our state."

 - Kathy Ruben, CHF Executive Director