Thank You!

We can't thank you enough for your generosity on Giving Tuesday and throughout the year. 

One reason your support is so important is that it means that we can continue to bring the consumer perspective to Maryland's legislative, policy and regulatory agenda.  For example, just last week:

  • Consumer Health First Vice-President, Leni Preston, spoke at the meeting of the Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Commission. She cited CHF's position in support of an individual mandate and urged the Commission to explore options for long-term funding for the reinsurance program. Find video of the meeting and resource materials here

  • She and Beth Sammis, CHF President, met with staff at the Maryland Insurance Administration to discuss the new HHS grant-funded project. Insurance Commissioner, Al Redmer Jr., stated that the purpose is "... to  do the analytical research work necessary to explore all of our options related to consumer protection and market reforms." Learn more about the project here

Consumer Health First will be tracking the progress on these and multiple issues. We couldn't do this without your support. So, if you missed Giving Tuesday, please donate today.