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For over a decade, Consumer Health First has led a consumer movement to ensure that all Marylanders have access to high-quality, comprehensive and affordable health care.

During that time we have had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Marylanders. Learn more about our successes in 2018.

Today, the movement we have built together, is more important and more challenging than ever. If we are to continue to be successful we need not only your financial support - be it small or large but we also need you!

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Do you remember when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed? At the time Congressman Elijah Cummings (MD-7) wrote, "The American people waited for over 100 years for this legislation..." Consumer Health First was proud to work for passage of that federal law. Then, we took the lead to ensure that the voices of Marylanders were heard as it was implemented in our state. We made sure that consumers were represented everywhere decisions were made:

  • In Annapolis as laws were drafted and passed;

  • At the countless workgroups as policies were drafted for the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange and the Maryland Health Connection website was designed; and

  • On committees as our state's unique transformation of the health care delivery system became a reality.

Our guiding mission was to fulfill the promise of the ACA for equitable access to health care so that all Marylanders would have the security of knowing that they can get the care they need -when and where they need it.

With that promise fulfilled we can create healthy and thriving communities for our children to grow up in and a state that is fiscally sound and welcoming for all. Those goals, however, are threatened today as we look at threats of federal "repeal" legislation and the "death by a thousand cuts" approach to the ACA that could mean insurance carriers again rejecting those with a pre-existing condition as mild as acne and as serious as cancer.

That is a future none of us wants to see. Therefore, Consumer Health First remains totally committed to addressing all of the challenges ahead even as we look for opportunities to build a stronger health care system in Maryland.

Please join our movement - the time is now. Donate today.