Consumer Health First Comments on Proposed Regulations for Network Adequacy

In 2016, Consumer Health First successfully advanced legislation requiring the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) to adopt strong, quantitative standards for network adequacy. After over a year long process, the MIA recently published proposed regulations setting forth the network adequacy requirements health insurers must meet beginning January 1, 2018.

With your help, we convinced the MIA to include appointment wait time standards, distance standards and to require public disclosure of each health insurer’s performance against these standards. Together, these provisions provide some of the strongest consumer protections in the country. 

However, the inclusion in the proposed regulations of a waiver process offers the opportunity for health insurers to fail to meet these robust standards every year. In our letter to the MIA on these proposed regulations, we strongly urge the agency to eliminate this waiver process.

While we’ve made important strides to be sure all health insurers keep their contractual promises to consumers, we must continue to work together to make this a reality.

For more detail, see the proposed regulations here and our letter to the MIA here.