Harris urged to work toward ACA fix

In a letter to the editor, which appeared in the Star Democrat late last week, Consumer Health First President, Leni Preston wrote:

As Congress moves forward with legislation that will lead to hundreds of thousands of Marylanders losing access to affordable health insurance and care, the lone prominent supporter in the state is Rep. Andy Harris.

As a physician, Rep. Harris should appreciate how people without insurance struggle to get the care they need. Instead, he supported the House bill that will lead to an estimated 23 million fewer Americans having health insurance. And he has shown no empathy for the people who will lose their coverage, including many who live in his 1st Congressional District.

In recent comments to the Baltimore Sun, he cited the national debt and deficit as reasons to drastically reduce health insurance coverage. But the legislation moving through Congress will not bring down the deficit — in large measure because it includes an enormous tax cut for the wealthiest Americans.

And another round of tax cuts is on the agenda later this year. We will watch avidly to see if Rep. Harris’ concern about the deficit leads him to oppose those tax cuts.

We urge Rep. Harris to take a fresh look at the human cost of the bill he supported. Rather than a partisan move to undo the Affordable Care Act, let’s work on a plan to fix the parts of the law that need it and preserve insurance for many of our friends and neighbors on the Eastern Shore.