This Is What Democracy Looks Like

As we rub the sleep out of our eyes this morning, we can hardly believe what transpired overnight. When the 3rd ACA repeal bill of the week - the "skinny repeal" - was brought up for a vote at 1:40 a.m., three Republican Senators joined all 48 Democrats in opposing it. In his speech after the vote, Majority Leader McConnell said he wanted to hear Democrats' ideas for improving the health care system - let's hope he meant it.

But the real credit for this victory goes to YOU! With your calls, letters, and emails, by sharing your stories and attending rallies, protests and Town Halls all over Maryland and the nation, YOU DID IT.

It can't be said enough. THANK YOU. We are grateful to you for your support, participation, advocacy, and passion. And we are extremely grateful to our leaders in Congress: Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin, and the Representatives who stood with us with passion and determination as we fought this attack on our nation's healthcare system: Steny Hoyer, Anthony Brown, Elijah Cummings, Jamie Raskin, John Delaney, John Sarbanes and Dutch Ruppersberger. We are also grateful to Governor Larry Hogan for joining with other governors to speak out against repeal. 

We're going to enjoy our weekend, and hope that you do, too - you earned it! But while we have won this battle, we have not won the war. President Trump immediately took to Twitter to remind us that he has the power to "Let Obamacare implode... Watch!"

So we'll be back at it on Monday with renewed purpose, as we seek a bipartisan environment of cooperation and compromise to reach a common goal: healthcare for all.