Keep up the efforts to #Killthebill that will strip health care from millions and gut protections for all. The so-called "skinny repeal" will still leave up to 16 million Americans without healthcare coverage and raise premiums by 20%. Call your senators at 1-866-426-2631, send them tweets, go to rallies and tell them to VOTE NO on ANY repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Reach out to family and friends in these key states and ask them to do the same. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share and retweet the latest developments.

After a lengthy and sometimes contentious debate yesterday, the Senate voted on a repeal only bill, with 7 Republicans and all Democrats voting it down. All indications are that McConnell will soon offer a stripped down version of a repeal bill, being described as "skinny repeal." Here's what that means: 

  • What is it? A hollowed out version of repeal that strips out only a few provisions of the ACA - likely the individual mandate, the employer mandate and the medical device tax. The Center for Budget Policy and Priorities calls it a "Trojan Horse."
  • What's its purpose? To pass something - ANYTHING - that will advance health legislation to a conference with the House. That way, a House-Senate conference committee could produce a modified version of repeal-and-replace legislation for final votes in the House and Senate this fall.
  • Why is it bad?
    • On its own, it would result in 16 million people losing health coverage, and cause a "death spiral" in the insurance markets. But the real danger is what would come out of the conference committee - a bill at least as bad as the AHCA and BCRA.
    • It continues the secretive process, without hearings or public input, on a bill that affects 1/6th of the U.S. economy.
  •  What will happen? Follow along here for a list of the motions, amendments, votes, and key players. Because the bill does not meet the CBO savings requirements, it may require 60 votes to pass.
  • What can I do?  Thank Governor Larry Hogan for joining with other governors to speak out against the "skinny repeal" bill, and keep up the advocacy! Call your senators TODAY at 1-866-426-2631 and tell them to VOTE NO on any repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Share this call to action with friends and family, particularly those in these key states, and see below for rallies happening this weekend. Thank you!