The Fight of Our Lives, For Our Lives, Begins...

"We are obviously dismayed that Senate Republicans have voted to proceed to debate on secret "repeal and replace" legislation. While Senators aren't sure what legislation they will be debating, all versions of the bill scored by the CBO will result in tens of millions losing coverage. All will strip hundreds of billions of dollars out of Medicaid, putting our most vulnerable neighbors at risk. There are no amendments that can "fix" these bills - we urge Republican Senators to vote down any repeal legislation and instead work with their Democratic colleagues to improve upon the expanded coverage and protections of the ACA and to explore ways to bring down healthcare costs for all consumers."

- Leni Preston, President, Consumer Health First

Call/Act Now and Help #Killthebill that will have devastating effects on millions of healthcare consumers. Call your senators at 1-866-426-2631, send them tweets, show up to rallies and tell them to VOTE NO on any repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

So Majority Leader McConnell convinced enough Republican Senators to vote "yes" on the motion to proceed. What happens next? 

  • McConnell will likely call up the House-passed ACHA repeal bill for 20 hours of debate.
  • Once the debate is over, they move into "vote-a-rama" in which Senators can get up and offer amendments, debated for just a few minutes on each side. 
  • We expect that McConnell's first proposal will be the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act (ORRA), also known as the "repeal and delay" plan, which is simply repeal without replacement.
  • It is likely that McConnell will then bring up the revised BCRA repeal and replace proposal and offer further modifications to it, or allow his fellow Republicans to offer amendments that will secure their votes. One amendment being discussed would provide $200 billion to Medicaid expansion states like Maryland to provide assistance to those who would lose their Medicaid coverage and have to seek affordable coverage in the private market. This blog explains why the $200 billion is woefully inadequate.
  • Another possibility is a new proposal, called "skinny repeal," which would eliminate the individual mandate and possibly some of the ACA's taxes.

We will continue to monitor the process and keep you informed.  We need everyone to call your senators TODAY at 1-866-426-2631 and tell them to VOTE NO on any repeal of the Affordable Care Act. And share this call to action with friends and family, particularly those in these key states.