How This Week Could Go

From Today's Politico Pulse:  There are several key steps that need to happen before the Senate bill can pass, setting up opportunities for opponents or wary Republicans to slow down the bill or kill it altogether. Here's a quick look via POLITICO's Jennifer Haberkorn. (Or as she puts it - "Schoolhouse Rock: Senate reconciliation edition.") 

Step 1) Motion to proceed vote. This is the procedural vote to allow debate to begin on the House bill, which will act as the shell for the Obamacare repeal legislation in the Senate. If the bill is going down in flames, it could go down here, Jennifer tells PULSE, and Heller on Friday did say he'd vote no on this procedural measure. 

Step 2) Twenty hours of debate, equally divided. This will be a prime chance for Democrats to make emotional pleas against the bill and in favor of Obamacare.

Step 3) Points of Order. The most powerful tool Democrats will have to kill the bill - or strip out parts of it - is to raise Points of Order on the Senate floor, or argue the bill violates Senate rules, and hope the parliamentarian agrees.

Step 4) Vote-a-rama. This process usually begins at about 4 p.m. in the afternoon and goes until the minority gives up. Liberal activists want Democrats to stretch it out as long as possible.

Step 5) Vote on the substitute amendment. This is the vote on stripping out the whole House bill and replacing it with the Senate plan.

Step 6) Vote on final passage.