Rally Friends and Family: Tell Senate Republicans to Vote "NO"

Vote No on 6.14.png

The Senate is poised to push through a bill by the end of the month, that has been developed by just 13 men in complete secrecy, with no hearings, public testimony, or any input whatsoever from their constituents, or even from most of their own colleagues.

The current information is that the CBO is scoring pieces  of the bill now and that there will be floor debate, but no opportunity for real analysis or amendments.  In fact, when one top aide was questioned as to why they weren't releasing any information in advance of a vote, he replied: "we aren't stupid."

This is unacceptable. Please, ask friends and family in states we identify below to call key senators toll-free at 866-426-2631. We have provided a list of direct lines to their offices below as well. Let them know that Americans will not stand for 23 million people losing insurance and cuts to health care for seniors, children, veterans, people with disabilities, and people suffering from substance use and mental health conditions.

We are very lucky in Maryland to have staunch supporters of the ACA like Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin. They are going all out to defeat the bill, but they need help. First, thank them for their work and send them your stories and include us in the email.  

However, not everyone is so lucky - contact those friends and family and share this information with them. 

If you have friends or relatives in Alaska or Maine, ask them to call Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska  (202) 224-6665 or Senator Susan Collins of Maine  (202) 224-2523  and urge them to stand firm against the AHCA.

More important, though, is to reach these Senators.  They must be told that the only vote the AHCA deserves is a no vote!  

  • Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (WV) - (202) 224-6472
  • Sen. Dan Sullivan (AK) - (202) 224-3004
  • Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ) - (202) 224-4521
  • Sen. Dean Heller (NV) - (202) 224-6244
  • Sen. Bill Cassidy (LA) - (202) 224-5824
  • Sen. Bob Corker (TN) - (202) 224-3344
  • Sen. Rob Portman (OH) - (202) 224-3353
  • Sen. Cory Gardner (CO) - (202) 224-5941
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) - (202) 224-5972
  • Sen. Tom Cotton (AR) - (202) 224-2353
  • Sen. Pat Toomey (PA) - (202) 224-4254
  • Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN) - (202) 224-4944
  • Sen. Ben Sasse (NE) - (202) 224-4224

For more information about the repeal effort in Congress, please see and share widely the following NHeLP publications: