The House GOP Vote on the AHCA is Imminent

Trump administration officials and GOP House leadership claim they have enough votes to pass the amended American Health Care Act and plan to vote on it today. At stake are Medicaid, coverage for essential health benefits and pre-existing conditions, and the health care coverage of more than 24 million people.

It is time to act! Call your representatives and tell them to oppose the amended AHCA!

Use the SEIU and MoveOn call-in lines:

Talking Points

The amended AHCA keeps the same unacceptable things of the prior version. It will:

  • Cause 24 million people to lose coverage;
  • Create massive premium hikes for older adults, women, and people with pre-existing conditions;
  • Slash $880 billion dollars from Medicaid, leading to huge service and eligibility cuts for low-income people;
  • Shift billions in costs to state governments; and
  • Use health care cuts to fund tax cuts for the wealthy and the health care industry.

The amended AHCA also adds other, unacceptable, new provisions. It will:

  • Allow insurance companies to hurt people with pre-existing conditions;
  • Allow higher premiums for older adults; and 
  • Gut the requirement that insurance companies cover basic health care services, such as maternity care, prescription drugs, and mental health care.

In Maryland:

More Talking Points:

NO - to any bill that does not protect individuals with pre-existing conditions from being charged more or getting fewer services

NO - to any bill that caps or cuts Medicaid

NO - to any bill that ends or harms Medicaid expansion

NO - to any bill that repeals the ACA

NO - to any bill that cuts health care for women

NO - to any bill that cuts health care for children

NO - to any bill that cuts health care for people with disabilities

NO - to any bill that increases health care costs for the elderly

NO - to any bill that allows health insurance companies to drop essential health benefits

NO - to any bill that decreases the number of individuals who have health coverage.