Congressional Budget Office Analysis of Revised AHCA

The Congressional Budget Office today released the much anticipated score updates for the House GOP bill, the American Health Care Act, which was passed by only a 2-vote majority on May 4.

The analysis shows that 23 million Americans will lose their healthcare coverage over 10 years, a small improvement over the 24 million projected under the previous version of the bill. In 2026, an estimated 51 million people under age 65 would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance under current law.

Other key points to note in the analysis. The legislation will:

  • Slash $834 billion dollars from Medicaid, leading to huge service and eligibility cuts for low-income people, seniors, and the disabled;
  • Shift billions in costs to state governments;
  • Significantly increase premiums for older adults; 
  • Allow states to waive the ACA's required essential health benefits; and,
  • Permit insurers to charge higher premiums for those with pre-existing conditions who don't maintain continuous coverage.

All of this to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

In Maryland:

It is now up to the Senate to protect consumers from the devastating impacts of this bill.