Vote on AHCA delayed, then cancelled, now postponed... at least for now.

In a day that could have been scripted from a Hollywood thriller at times, the House GOP struggled in vain to get enough votes within its own ranks to pass the American Health Care Act. 

After late night meetings in the House Rules Committee last night, and closed door meetings with the President and every senior leader at the White House today, Speaker Ryan announced that the vote was cancelled for the day. Instead, a full House meeting will convene behind closed doors this evening to try and hammer out their differences in the hopes of holding a vote tomorrow.

And if that weren't enough bad news for Speaker Ryan, the Congressional Budget Office issued a letter with new budget scores based on the Management Amendments made to the bill on Monday. The bottom line is that the amended bill manages to spend an additional $200 billion, reduces the deficit savings by $150 billion, and doesn't cover a single additional person from the 24 million uninsured originally projected.

Want to make some sense of it all? Join us for a webinar next Wednesday, March 29th, from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m., and we'll discuss the ACA vs the AHCA and it's potential impact on Maryland. You can get more information and register for the free event here.

And for information on WHO the proposed bill might affect in Maryland, and how, Consumer Health First and Disability Rights Maryland teamed up to write an Op/Ed piece that was published in the Baltimore Sun today. 

Stay tuned...