Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act: "Repeal/Replace/Repair"

No matter which term is used by those who wish to unwind the ACA, or which policy proposal is adopted, the impact on consumers would almost certainly be negative. This applies both to those now able to purchase a Qualified Health Plan with a subsidy as well as those who have benefited from the Medicaid expansion. But, equally important, it would also be damaging to millions of others, including those who receive employer-sponsored insurance and seniors on Medicare. 

Every day, and sometimes every hour, brings new ideas on what the ACA's future will be.  Action just last week included:

  • On February 16, House Republican leaders released the Obamacare Repeal and Replace Policy Brief and Resources, with the core message that the ACA has failed and "we have a better way."  The reality is quite the opposite. In its statement, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities wrote that the attempt to define this as a substitute for the ACA is inaccurate. In fact, "the document reveals that House Republicans still seek to repeal the ACA without putting forward a real replacement plan." 
  • Underlying their plan is a move to "restructure and cut" Medicaid financing and coverage.  If they were to achieve this, Medicaid as we know it would be gone and any effort to restore it in the future would be nearly impossible. Here's what Families USA has to say on the issue.
  • Want to compare all of the proposals?  Kaiser Family Foundation has prepared a useful tool to do that.
  • Prior to the release of the Policy Brief, the Department of Health and Human Services posted to the Federal Register its proposed "market stabilization" rules. The comment period is open until March 7 and we will work with our national partners to provide written comments. Read Timothy Jost's blog in Health Affairs.

Get involved and stay involved!   In Maryland, Consumer Health First is working with our Congressional Delegation as well as our legislators in Annapolis.  

  • Watch for more information and contact us if you want to get directly involved.