Open Enrollment is Underway and Setting Records!

Open Enrollment began on November 1st, and goes until December 15th. Despite negative actions at the Federal level, Maryland saw quite a surge in website visits and enrollments in the first few days of the campaign. In fact, enrollments were up 100% for the first 6 days of enrollment compared to the same period last year: 10,420 in 2017 vs. 5,212 in 2016. Perhaps the most telling number is that changes for 2018 plans to existing 2017 enrollment plans were up nearly 270%, indicating a lot of people are switching from the higher premium plans to plans with lower premiums and deductibles.

Nationwide, enrollment numbers were also up and set new records for the first days of enrollment.

Consumer Health First is grateful to the Maryland Exchange - their pro-active approach has led to these very positive numbers which affirm the public’s recognition of the value of the ACA and health care more broadly. 

We can see this same perspective in the outcome of yesterday’s election.  

Therefore, we encourage all consumers that seek assistance as they shop carefully to make sure they get the best plan at the most affordable price. That said,  we must continue to work to hold such an costs to drive affordability. 

Don't wait! Go to   today, compare rates, and enroll. Don't forget, if you don't qualify to receive a federal subsidy, it will be less expensive to purchase a Silver plan off the Exchange this year or look at Bronze and Gold plans for savings on premiums.

Open Enrollment is going on now and ends Dec. 15th, 2017 for Coverage Starting January 1, 2018.