Governor Hogan Supports Murray-Alexander Bill

A bipartisan group of 10 governors has sent a letter to Congress, urging them to “stabilize the private insurance markets.”  The letter goes on to state that, "Stabilizing insurance markets is one of the primary areas where Congress can take action to ensure that consumers have affordable health care options," the letter reads. The missing signature on this letter is Governor Hogan’s.  His spokesperson said that Governor Hogan does support the subsidy payments. However, he did not sign the letter because  “… sometimes legislation starts off in one direction and ends up in a different direction. . . ”  He said that they would keep an eye on the legislation as it moves through Congress.

We appreciate Governor Hogan's public statements of support for ensuring Marylanders do have health care and we hope that he will take the time to review the recommendations we posed at the recent “Marylanders Speak to Hogan” forum.  Unfortunately, the Governor was not in attendance to hear from Consumer Health First, Strong Schools Maryland, or Chesapeake Climate Action Network.  However, the report has been sent to him and it can be downloaded here. A copy of Consumer Health First’s slides can be downloaded here.