ACA Repeal Will Affect State Laws Too...

An article published by the Commonwealth Fund today, points out the multitude of dangers that repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will have on states that have fully adopted all, or most of its provisions - 32 states and DC as of 11/2013.

In addition to state marketplaces collapsing, there are a host of other issues and regulations at stake. That's why we've created a page - ACA Repeal Watch in Maryland - which lists specific statistics on just how the ACA repeal will affect Marylanders. 

One thing states CAN do, is to carefully examine their regulations and policies and start to protect the ACA provisions they care about and can do something about. An example stated in the article is New York, who recently issued regulations to force carriers to cover reproductive health care and contraception without a co-pay or cost sharing.

We here at Consumer Health First will be dedicating ourselves this year to help our state policymakers do just that: protect the health care we've fought so hard to achieve for all Marylanders. But we need your help to do it on your behalf.  Please consider a donation to help us to continue to  seek solutions and advance reforms that promote health equity through access to comprehensive, affordable, high quality health care for all Marylanders.