Nominations for Consumer Standing Advisory Committee

HSCRC is issuing a call for nominations to a Consumer Standing Advisory Committee (CSAC) they are newly establishing based on the recommendation of the HSCRC Consumer Engagement Task Force (CETF) which completed its work and issued its report in September 2015.

We applaud HSCRC for putting in place one of the recommendations from the Consumer Engagement Task Force, chaired by Consumer First President, Leni Preston.  A link to the CETF full report issued in September 2015 may be found on the HSCRC Consumer Engagement web page.

Any interested party can nominate themselves or others for the CSAC membership.  Nominee information in the nomination form included in this call for nominations must be sent via email to, and include “CSAC Nomination” in the Subject line.  This call for nominations is open until July 15, 2016. 

Questions regarding this call for nominations may be sent to , and include "CSAC Nomination Question" in the Subject line.