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2018 Hearings and Testimony

SB 134 - Health Benefit Plan Premium Rate Review Process

SB 29 - State Government - Websites - Language Access

HB 115 (SB 13) – Electronic Prescription Records Cost Savings Act of 2018

SB 878/ HB 1312 Fact Sheet

SB 284 - Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Dental Coverage for Adults

SB 878 / HB 1132 Medicaid Buy-In Task Force 2-21-18

SB 878 / HB 1132 Medicaid Buy-In Task Force 3-22-18

SB 744 / HB 780 - Insurance - Contraceptive Coverage - Consumer Information

SB 387 - Health Insurance – Health Care Access Program -- Establishment

SB 1011 – Protect Maryland Health Care Act of 2018

HB 1504 - Task Force to Study Reinsurance to Reduce Health Insurance Premiums

SB 530 – Hospitals – Patient’s Bill of Rights

SB 686 - Coverage for Over the Counter Contraceptive Drugs and Devices

SB 1056 - Rural Health Collaborative Pilot

SB 774 - Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Family Planning Services

HB 1038 - Health Benefit Plans - Special Enrollment Period for Pregnancy - House Health and Governance Committee

HB 1509 - Maryland Health Benefit Exchange – Individual Exchange – Copper Plans to Lower Rates

HB 660 - State Provided Health Care Benefits for State Residents (HealthcareMaryland)

HB 1516 - Healthy Maryland Program - Establishment (Healthy Maryland Act of 2018)

HB 1782 – Health Insurance – Health Care Access Program -- Establishment

HB 1512 – Health Insurance – Dental Preventative Care -Coverage

HB 1795 – Maryland Health Benefit Exchange – Establishment of a Reinsurance Program

HB 1716 – Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – Prescription Monitoring Data – Insurance Carrier

HB 736 – Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Pharmacies and Pharmacists - Information on and Sales of Prescription Drugs

HB 1283 – Health Insurance – Prescription Contraceptives – Coverage for a Single Dispensing

SB 986 – State Employee and Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits Program – Contraceptive Drugs and Male Sterilization

House Bill 1526 – Human Services - Receiving Child Welfare Services - Centralized Comprehensive Health Care Monitoring Program

HB 134 MIA Letter to Cullison 3.2.18

SB 878 Letter to Consumer Health First  3.27.18

Maryland Department of Health - Medical Cares Program Administration Budget Appropriations Committee

Maryland Department of Health - Medical Cares Program Administration Budget Senate Budget and Taxation Committee

Maryland Health Benefit Exchange: Reinsurance Program Regulations Hearing 8.16.18

Supplemental Rate Request Q&A 2018 

CHF Comments on 1332 Waiver 7.16.18

CHF Comments on original 2019 rate filings

CHF Public Charge Comments 12/10/2018

CHF Comments 2020 Plan Certification

2017 PDF Attachments

Hogan Letter 2017.02.02 - Final

Families USA Conference Presentation 2.17.17

HCKI Post Card Hand Out 2.26.17

MIA Network Adequacy Letter 2.27.17

Health Equity Report Jan. 2013

MIA Network Regs - CHF Proposed Regs - FINAL 5.08.2017

Teach In: Do the Most Good 5.22.17 FINAL

2018 Rate Review Letter - CareFirst 6.12.17

2018 Rate Review Letter - FINAL 6.19.17

CHF ED Job Description - FINAL

AHCA and BCRA Impact in Maryland

ACA vs. BCRA Tax Credits and Premiums

Effects of the BCRA on Uninsured in Maryland

The Effect of the BCRA in Maryland (Van Hollen's office)

Prevention Fund Impact in 50 States

Reducing Regulatory Burdens Imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act & Improving Healthcare Choices To Empower Patients (CMS-9928-NC/ RIN 0938-ZB39)

Proposed Rule CMS-1677-P -  Measure of Quality of Informed Consent Documents for Hospital-Performed Elective Procedures

Proposals from the Federal Interagency Working Group for Revision of the Standards for Maintaining, Collecting, and Presenting Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity (82 FR 12242)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Market Stabilization NPRM (CMS-9929-P)

Maryland Fact Sheet CHIP 9.5.17

Cardin Letter Graham-Cassidy Bill 9.20.17

Maryland Fact Sheet Graham-Cassidy 9.21.17

CHF Board Member Job Description

Marylanders Speak to Gov. 10.4.17 FINAL ppt

Marylanders Speak to Hogan REPORT.pdf

CHF Rate Review - no CSR 10.23.17.pdf

Get Engaged and Give Logo 2017

CHF Policy and Advocacy Record of Success 2010-2017 FINAL

CHF New ED and Board Positions Press Release FINAL

CHF Policy and Advocacy Agenda 2010-2017

2014 PDFs & Docs
















CC ForumUseful Resources_6.11.14..pdf

CC Forum_Agenda and Topics_FINAL_6.30.14 .pdf

CC Forum_Agenda and Topics_FINAL_6.30.14.pdf

My Smart Choice Workbook with cover 12.6.13.pdf

SUD_Health Care Reform FAQs - 5 22 14 (2).pdf


MMAC New All-Payer Model May 14.pdf

CC-HLWebinar _5ResourceWebPageFINAL5.13.14.pdf

CC Webinar 5 5.6.14 ztw FINAL.pdf

Advocates SIM Comments Updated _FINAL_4.28.14docx.pdf

March 29 Enrollment Event.pdf

CC-HL Webinar _4 - Resource Web Page - FINAL 3.26.14.pdf

Pleasant et al_ health lit measurement research agenda 10810730.2011.pdf

ACA, Tax Credits, and Domestic Violence (Update), v03.pdf

Webinar 4 final slidedeck 3.16.14 pdf.pdf

HB157_Open Meetings_ Testimony 1.29.14_DRAFT.pdf

HB856_task force_ Testimony 2.25.14.pdf


SUD Information Sheet Logo FINAL Feb 2014.pdf

SUD one column with UMB FINAL.pdf

Coalition Medicare Waiver comments.pdf

mwchcr-hscrc-advisory-council-memo-final-2013-11-20 (1).pdf

Final Combined Waiver Package 101113.pdf


HSCRC - Coalition Comments - Transitional
Rate Setting Policies - FINAL_BC.pdf

Consumer Info Card - PREGNANT WOMEN -

MHIP Memorandum FINAL - 1.25.14.pdf


MIA_Transgender Non-Discrim_Bulletin_1.27.14.pdf

WLB - BT Presentation_1.26.14.pdf

WLB 2014 - AK Presentation_1.26.14.pdf




MD Women HC Reform - Consumer Info Card 11.6.13 pdf.pdf