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Why Donate?

There are many reasons to support Consumer Health First. They include a strong Record of Success.  And, here's what others have said about our organization. 

This is a very valuable organization ... it puts a premium on being in contact immediately with consumers - understanding not only what their needs are, but when certain practices are put into place, whether they are working.  And, they then take that information back to policy makers and help them understand what changes or reforms are needed.  -  Diana Morris, Open Society Institute-Baltimore

Having an organization that is both knowledgeable about the complexities of health care policy and the health care system, and so closely tied to consumers and the interests of consumers is really very valuable. - John Colmers, Member, Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission

Donate now and support our work to ensure that all Marylanders have equal access to high-quality, comprehensive and affordable health care. 

$5 = Java Boost: Buy a cup of coffee to keep our advocate's adrenalin pumping

$25 = Selecting a Plan isn't Easy:  Distribute resources to help 25 people get coverage and care

$50 = Hot off the Wires:  Fund one week of our weekly e-letter for 2,500 members

$100 = Going to Annapolis:  Affords us the ability to testify at a hearing or meet with a Legislator

$200 = Rising Rates: Funds one hour of actuarial services for time to fight premium increases

$300 = Just the Facts: Helps us research and develop new materials, responding to needs of consumers

$500 = Wonky Webinars: Allows us to host an education program on the most current issues

$1,000 = Be a Host: Support our educational website for a full year

$1,500 = Meet Us at the Town Hall: Helps us fund a public education program in your community

 You may make a tax-deductible financial contribution in one of four ways:

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  • You can send a check made out to Consumer Health First and mail it to us at: P. O. Box 59202, Potomac, MD 20854

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  • Make a donation of stock: For more information: send an email: leni@mdchcr.org

Disclosure Statement:

Consumer Health First is a charitable organization designated as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)3. Find our principles for donations here. Please contact us leni@mdchcr.org for our funds solicitation policy, 2017 audit, or more information on our organization.