ACA Helps Small Business Owners

 “I am worried that ACA repeal means I will no longer be able to own my own business and be self-employed.”

David is a self-employed Doctor of Acupuncture and co-owner of another small business. He was uninsured for several years before passage of the ACA, because a pre-existing condition made premiums unaffordable.

He currently receives a subsidy to help pay for his premiums and is finally able to access the care he needs.

The ACA has made it possible for David to own his own business and be part of the economic engine of America. He would like to one day expand his practice and hire others. Under the AHCA, however, David would once again be uninsured or might be forced to close his practice in order to seek coverage through an employer.

David frequently sees people who have chronic pain and have spent thousands of dollars in the traditional health care system to no avail. His treatments, which are reimbursed at a very low rate, provide the relief his patients need. How ironic that he might be forced out of business, pushing his patients back to more expensive treatments with poorer results, as a result of the AHCA.