Leveraging Health Care Reform - Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Strategies

The Coalition is sponsoring a four-part webinar series on cultural competency and health literacy – important pillars to support a culture of health in Maryland where everyone receives health services that meet their individual needs.  Not only does everyone have the right to an insurance card, but it is essential that not only do they know how to use it but that those who serve consumers do so in culturally appropriate and effective ways.  

Webinar # 5 -Health Literacy: Helping Consumers Get It. Part 2: Health Care in an ACA World

On May 6, 2014 the coalition hosted its final webinar of the series.  This webinar builds upon Health Literacy Part I (see below), to provide specific strategies that can be used address and increase health literacy with the goal of creating “care aware consumers” who are empowered to take charge of their own health. It will include promising new tools and approaches, with real examples of how organizations are infusing health literacy into their culture of care. Click here for audio recording, presentation, and more information.

Webinar #4 - Health Literacy: Helping Consumers Get It. Part 1

On March 17, 2014 the coalition hosted the last in the four- part series - Leveraging Health Care Reform - Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Strategies. We closed the series by taking a two-part look at the issue of health literacy and consumers - both the current and newly insured. Click here for audio recording, presentation, and more information.

Webinar #3 - Cultural Competency: Resources for Providers to Meet Patients’ Needs

This webinar provided participants with: (1) an ACA update, including focus on new opportunities/ incentives/ resources for providers to advance cultural competency and benefit patients;  (2) Implementation factors impacting cultural competency in practice; (3) Cultural competence in patient settings:  definition of and impact on health outcomes, quality of care and satisfaction; (4)  Addressing the need in Maryland:  Where we are and where we need to go:  Best practices/Examples from the Field; (5) The Patient Perspective:  From getting the card to accessing the care and beyond; (6) Challenges, Opportunities, Tools and Resources. Click Here for the presentation, speaker bios, resource sheet and audio recording.

Webinar #2 - Connecting With Consumers: Addressing Cultural Competency and Promoting Health Literacy  

This webinar provided participants with: (1) an overview of the mandated requirements for CC/HL and the value of providing language access and other cultural competency tools, as well as “lessons to be learned;”  (2) the specifics of the Exchange’s strategies to incorporate CC/HL into the training and oversight of the Connector Entities and other outreach and enrollment strategies; (3) the perspective of a Connector Entity on the inclusion of  CC/HL into the design of its outreach and education program.  

For speaker bios, presentation, and audio recording click here.

Webinar #1 – The Big Picture

This was held on April 22, 2013.  Get more information.